The Facts

Understanding the 2012-2013 Budget

Responding to Common Claims About This Budget

  • Claim 1: “This budget spends more on basic education.” See why we say this is “Dishonesty Disguised as Generosity.”
  • Claim 2: “Schools should have known the federal stimulus funding was temporary.” That’s an empty argument, as we explain in “Should Schools Have Known the $$ Was Temporary?”
  • Claim 3: “The state is simply reverting to 2009 funding levels.” There’s nothing simple about it. In fact, it’s “A Shameful Betrayal” of Pennsylvania’s commitment to equity. What’s more, “The Truth About the Numbers” reveals even deeper cuts to education beyond pre-stimulus levels. (Boy, that got their attention: see our response in “The Numbers Game“)
  • Claim 4: “This budget gives school districts flexibility.” It’s hard to be flexible spending money you don’t have. See what school districts have to say about “The Fiction of Flexibility.”
  • We tell the truth about statistics circulated by the State Department of Education in “Facts vs. Truth

Impact of the Cuts on Our Schools

Impact of the Cuts on Taxpayers

  • Cuts at the state level push responsibility for schools to the local level and “Up Go Property Taxes
  • The state’s refusal to deal with the looming pension crisis is a recipe for taxpayer disaster: get the facts in “Pension History 101
  • Cutting teachers and other public employees (such as police officers and firefighters) actually hurts a struggling economy: “Economics 101

Where’s the Money?

Privatizing Public Education