Go, Go, Go GOTV!

OK, I’ll admit the first time I saw the acronym “GOTV” I thought Go-TV was some kind of new television. Or that we were supposed to be cheering for TVs. Then I realized it stands for “Get Out the Vote!” And nothing could be more important right now. With just three weeks left in this gubernatorial race, we need to be cheering on voters to get to the polls.

Our friend Susan Spicka, a mom who leads a volunteer group of parents much like ours in central PA, has been out knocking on doors for the Wolf campaign in Franklin County. She reports that even though she isn’t seeing Corbett yard signs or bumper stickers in that normally heavily Republican part of the state, “Anyone who wants to see Tom Corbett get booted out of office this year needs to vote on November 4. Polls don’t win elections, voter turnout does. A whole lot of Republicans will hold their noses and vote for Corbett. Voters who support Wolf need to make sure to vote for him.”

Research confirms her point. Kristin Kanthak, as associate professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh, explains that Tom Wolf’s large lead in the polls is starting to close as more Corbett-leaning voters become willing to express their support for him: “This kind of tightening is really pretty common with someone where their positive numbers aren’t very high.” In other words, while the incumbent has had dismal approval ratings and his supporters were not lining up early on to cheer for him, they are more willing now. And Dr. Kanthak points out that Corbett is “the most endangered Republican in the country right now,” so millions of dollars in out of state contributions have been pouring into his campaign coffers. [Public Source, 10-14-14]

Back to Susan Spicka’s point: voter turnout is what will win this race. That means getting people to the polls. What can you do? Here are two easy ways to help GOTV!

Our colleagues at the statewide Education Voters Action Fund (which is separate from Education Voters PA, which cannot endorse candidates) will be running a virtual phone bank. You can make calls from home on the next three Thursdays, starting tomorrow – October 16, 23 & 30th – between 6 and 8PM to help reach voters directly in the districts that matter the most in the upcoming election. Everyone will be phoning for Wolf, and when possible, you will phone for other endorsed candidates along with Wolf to double the impact of the phone call. Some endorsed candidates may be Republicans who have been friends, and will continue to be friends, of public education. (This is great!)

Education Voters Action Fund will provide you with a script. All you need is a phone and a computer. Please contact Bob Previdi at evaf@educationvoterspa.org or call him at 267-235-8523 to sign up or with any questions.

Now here’s a second way you can GOTV and meet Tom Wolf in person! This Saturday, October 18th, our friends at the “Make it Our UPMC” campaign will be hosting a meet-and-greet with Mr. Wolf at 10:30AM at the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center (1852 Enoch St. / 15219). From there, everyone will fan out for a special door-to-door canvass. You will be with other people, they’ll show you where to go, and you’ll have information so you know what to say (if you want it). In other words – this is easy, all you have to do is show up!

This is it, folks. Just three weeks left. It’s all about GOTV now. Go, go, go!


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