Score! Save!

In keeping with our athletic theme from earlier this week: we’ve had a SCORE! After the Pittsburgh school board heard public testimony and questions raised by the community about proposed cuts to PE classes, the district withdrew the package of graduation requirement changes that contained those cuts from board consideration. [See “Cutting PE”] At least for now.

This is a real victory. The school board (and the public) deserve more time for due diligence on proposals that involve students losing more teachers and that raise equity issues. My hope is that the district now uses this opportunity to answer the community’s questions and address larger concerns of student health and wellness (we welcome comments from the district here on the blog and invite use of this space to help inform the conversation). Parents need to be a part of that dialogue, too.

So now that we’ve had a SAVE with phys ed, please SAVE these three dates:

1. May 5th: The community schools report back meeting has been rescheduled for Monday at 6PM at the Community Empowerment Association (7120 Kelly St / 15208). Join the Pittsburgh delegation that attended the Community Schools National Forum in Cincinnati a few weeks ago. The delegation consisted of parents, school board members, representatives from the Mayor’s Office and City Council, teachers, faith leaders, foundation personnel, and other community members. Members of the group will share what they learned and we will discuss what community schools could look like for Pittsburgh.

2. May 6th: Yinzercation will be teaming up again with Education Voters PA for a statewide call-in-day. We’ll be joining thousands of parents, students, teachers and community members from across the state to speak up in support of our public schools and telling legislators in Harrisburg that Pennsylvania’s children cannot afford another year of inadequate state funding and political posturing. It will take less than 10 minutes of your time, so block off a coffee-break on Tuesday. I will send more details, including how to reach your representatives and talking points, next week.

3. May 13th: Yinzercation is helping to co-sponsor an event commemorating the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education. This is the Supreme Court case that desegregated public schools and we will be rallying to bring attention to the unfulfilled promise of that decision. Plan to bring your kids after school at 4PM to the historic Freedom Corner in the Hill District for performances, snacks, and more. Details to follow.

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