Harrisburg, Anyone?

If you’re not on the bus today for the PAEYC Rally in Harrisburg, perhaps you would like to go to the state capitol on May 23rd? The Harrisburg School District is planning its own Rally that day for public education and our colleagues around the state are talking about coordinating efforts. Harrisburg’s public schools are in serious trouble – they are one of the state’s most distressed school districts that the administration doesn’t want to talk about, like Duquesne here in our own back yard.

But Harrisburg parents care about their schools, just like we do here in Yinzer Nation. I went to the White House with one of their school board members who spoke passionately about the dire situation in our state’s capitol, where the majority of real estate is non-taxable and there are few revenue alternatives to support the schools. The community there is rallying behind public education and May 23rd is an opportunity to stand in solidarity. We can lend our voices and demonstrate the strength of our state-wide, grassroots movement for public education.

I’ve heard that some folks in PIIN (Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network, which has an education task force) have been talking about a bus trip to Harrisburg. This might be just the date. If you are interested in helping to organize a Southwest Pennsylvania contingent, I encourage you to start a discussion on our Facebook page or on the Harrisburg Strategy google group. With just six weeks left in this budget negotiation process, we need to make sure our legislators are hearing from us about sustainable and equitable state funding for public education.


2 thoughts on “Harrisburg, Anyone?

  1. I’m in! I would love to visit some of our Allegheny Country reps and/or some of the key swing vote reps on the 23rd. I was in Harrisburg this last weekend and the steps are a great space to raise a ruckus. Let’s go!

  2. It would be nice to join our forces! PIIN is going to march on Harrisburg on the 22nd. The day before!
    Can we set up some form of communication so the next time we can join forces and make an even bigger impact!

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