Cookie Crumbs

How many cookies would we have to sell to make up the $1 BILLION in cuts to public schools this past year? To answer that question, a statewide “Mock Bake Sale Week” launched yesterday with two fantastic events in central Pennsylvania. In Harrisburg, students and parents rallied on the steps of the Capital Building while another group staged a simultaneous event in Shippensburg where even the mayor spoke, sending the message to legislators: There are not enough cookies to close the budget gap in Pennsylvania’s public schools!

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In the coming days, citizens of Yinzer Nation (that’s all of us here in Southwest PA) will host three Mock Bake Sales:

  • Saturday, April 14th: Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, 10AM-2PM
  • Monday, April 16th: Munhall Vol. Fire Company, Main Street (across from CoGos), 3PM-6PM
  • Tuesday, April 17th: outside the Squirrel Hill Post Office, Murray Ave. 4PM-5:30PM

The April 17th Mock Bake Sale coincides with tax-day. As people rush to drop off their tax returns at the Post Office, we will be letting folks know that we are happy to pay our taxes to support public education. And we’ll be asking why Governor Corbett refuses to make all corporations pay their fair share. We will hand out cookies with a little note explaining what we are doing and why. Here’s how you can help:

  • bake cookies (to help with the Squirrel Hill event, contact Marsha Mullen,
  • make signs (see photos above for ideas!)
  • attend the Mock Bake Sales (we anticipate lots of media and want big crowds)

To get you inspired, check out some of the great coverage of yesterday’s Harrisburg and Shippensburg kick-off events (in the Post-Gazette, Chambersburg’s Public Opinion, on WHAG and WGAL). Standing on the Capitol steps, one mother-daughter pair gave moving testimony of what the state budget cuts have meant to them. And an artist made this subtle, yet funny, video spoof “If You Give a Corporation a Tax Break.”

Please plan to get involved in this state-wide effort! And if there is not a Mock Bake Sale already scheduled for your area, consider hosting one of your own (our friends at Education Voters have a web site with all the details). Because there are simply not enough cookies in Pennsylvania to close a $1 BILLION budget gap for our schools and our children deserve more than crumbs.

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