A Simple Resolution

Here’s another easy – and effective – way to get involved in the fight for public education right now. Ask your school board representative to consider this “Resolution Supporting Increased State Funding for K-12 Public Education.” The draft resolution was written by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, a non-profit state-wide group that supports excellence in leadership of local school boards.

It’s a very straightforward document and easy for school board members to get behind. The resolution points out that the administration has reduced funding while costs for mandated educational programs continue to rise. It states beautifully, “expectations and requirements for students do not diminish in times of economic difficulty.”

The real power of the resolution will come when a large proportion of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts sign on, sending a clear signal to our legislators that we must reverse these devastating budget cuts. Has your school board considered the proposed resolution yet? Even if you think they might have seen it, please send an email or call your school board member and ask if they would consider putting the resolution forward.

In the City of Pittsburgh, members of Yinzercation have asked school board members Bill Isler and Sharene Shealey to consider the resolution. But more requests like this don’t hurt, and many school board members still have not heard about it, both in the city and throughout Southwestern PA. For example, as the Post-Gazette reported last week, in the West Mifflin Area School District, which is struggling with a $3.5 million budget gap because of the state cuts, “superintendent Daniel Castagna said although he hadn’t seen the resolution, he would give it his support. ‘We would absolutely be on board with this,’ Mr. Castagna said.”

So consider sending a quick email or making a phone call to ask your school board to look at this excellent resolution. (In the City of Pittsburgh, if you don’t know your board member’s email address, you can send a note to the general email box: boardoffice@pghboe.net.) Let’s see how many school districts in Yinzer Nation will pass the resolution at their April meetings, helping to put real pressure on our legislators as they head into the final two months of budget negotiations in May and June!

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