A Sign in Harrisburg

Ninth grade students at Pittsburgh’s Barack Obama public high school are putting up outdoor advertising to protest the devastating state budget cuts. Check out the billboard they put up in Harrisburg this week right by the State Capitol building (on Forster Street near Susquehanna Street, in case you’re in the neighborhood):

They also have two bus shelter ads in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh with this theme, “Cutting our Funding … is cutting our Future.” The students explain they are “fighting the budget cuts to get the funding we need to succeed in life.” Ninth grader Montana Moore, who helped create the billboards, went on WRCT-FM’s Lockdown Radio show to express her dismay at the budget cuts, saying, “I have very strong opinions when it comes to my education.” The students spoke at the Pittsburgh Public School Board meeting Monday night, and were interviewed for a KDKA news piece (3-19-12).

The ninth graders are participants in the Youth Media Advocacy Project, which brings Carlow University student mentors in to work with high school students, helping them advocate for the changes the students want to see, particularly in education. The group read posts on Yinzercation to learn about the budget cuts and get inspired – and now their message is loud and clear on a billboard in Harrisburg where it will hopefully inspire our legislators.

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