That’s a Lot of Cookies

343,561,144. That’s how many cookies we would have to sell to make up for the $171,780,572 that has been slashed from our schools just here in Southwestern PA. In April, groups across the state will be holding Mock Bake Sales to demonstrate the devastating impact budget cuts have had on public education. Yinzer Nation will be joining this state-wide effort on tax day, Tuesday, April 17th, making a statement about where our taxes are going (and NOT going). Plan to join us from 4 – 5:30PM, outside the Squirrel Hill Post Office, at the corner of Murray Avenue and Darlington Road in Squirrel Hill.

Instead of a typical tax day protest, we will send a message that we are united in using tax dollars to support our public schools.  We will have signs under the “Cookies for Corporations, Crumbs for Children” theme, asking the state why they are putting tax breaks for corporations over the needs of our children: these will include, “I’m happy to pay my taxes to support my public school” and “Why aren’t all corporations paying their fair share today?”  We plan to hand out cookies with a little note explaining what we’re doing and why.

How you can help:

  • Can you, your friends, and neighbors bake cookies for the event?  Please contact Marsha Mullen <> with your cookie contribution plan. Cookies can be dropped off on April 17 at 3:45 p.m. at the event site or at Sara Segel’s house in Squirrel Hill between 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 pm. that day (email to arrange drop-off).
  • Will you volunteer at the event? We are looking for parents, students, and other supporters who will bring signs, help set up tables, and give away cookies. See our google planning document for a more detailed list of volunteer needs, or email  Sara Segel (
  • Will you attend the event? We welcome parents, students of all ages, taxpayers dropping off their returns at the Post Office, and other concerned community members. Media will be invited, so we hope for a big crowd!
  • Want to host your own Mock Bake Sale in a different location? Excellent! Use the resources gathered here by our friends in the Cumberland Valley. You can choose tax day, or any other day during the state-wide bake sale week. Just let us know your plans and we’ll help to advertise your event.

This will be an easy and highly effective activity. Education Voters is encouraging parents across Pennsylvania to do similar events in April, so our voices will be echoed. And following our Mock Bake Sale, delegations will be delivering trays of cookies to our state legislators in their district offices. This is a terrific way to keep up the pressure we have been building as our representatives start wrangling over the state budget.

I leave you with this fabulous image, drawn for us by political cartoonist Gary Huck:

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