$171,780,572. That’s how much money Governor Corbett has cut to public schools in Southwestern Pennsylvania. (This includes the actual cuts made in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 as well as the proposed cuts for next year.) That’s right — nearly $172 MILLION from the ten counties of Yinzer Nation.

After posting all the cuts to school districts in Allegheny County earlier this week (which reminded me of a list of “School Delays and Closings“), I promised I would add the rest of our ten-county area. You can check out our google spreadsheet with all the cuts, listed by school district and county, or scroll through the list in the box below.

There are 125 school districts in Yinzer Nation with a median total budget cut of $930,686. These are real dollars taken away from real students. That’s some scary math.

It’s time to stop subtracting money from public education and time to start adding it back in. Get ready to call your legislators and the Governor’s office on Monday for the state-wide call-in day and tell them these numbers don’t add up. Yinzer Nation can’t tolerate $172 MILLION slashed from its schools. We must demand a sustainable and equitable state budget for public education.

Data compiled by the PSEA.

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