We’re Getting Their Attention

Governor Corbett’s communication staff is paying attention to Yinzer Nation! In case you missed the hoopla over the past few days, check out the comments section of “The Letter Wars Continue (or Why Networking is Working)” and “We Have a Priority Problem.” Dennis Roddy, former columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and now in communications for Gov. Corbett, has been defending the $1 BILLION + $100 MILLION state budget cuts to our schools. The Pittsburgh City Paper picked up the fact that we have grabbed attention and ran its own article on Mr. Roddy’s posts to Yinzercation.

Which just goes to show that we are doing exactly the right thing: we need to keep talking to our legislators and talking to our networks. As our grassroots movement grows it gains strength precisely because public education binds us together — Republican and Democrat, rich and poor, black and white, young and old — we all care about our schools. So let’s keep having a conversation about budget priorities that put our children first.

Yinzer Nation is busy this week. Here are several opportunities to get involved and keep the pressure on our legislators (and don’t forget about our Simultaneous Sidewalk Parties next Monday — we need everyone’s help this week to help plan those events!):

Wednesday, February 29: South Fayette High School will be kicking off a partnership with the Pennsylvania State Education Association called Partners for Public Education. “State Senator Wayne Fontana, State Representative Jesse White, PSEA President Mike Crossey, along with members of the SFEA Representative Council, SF School Board, SF Administration, and SF Student Government will stand together to … add their voices to the chorus of those who care about public education.” 6PM. South Fayette High School Theater.

Thursday, March 1: The Last Lunch: Cutting into the “Lean” PA Budget. The Civil Action Movement is hosting a lunch seminar at the University of Pittsburgh breaking down what Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget means for education, transportation and human services – and to plan how we can organize to make a difference! State Senator Jay Costa and State Representative Jake Wheatley will join with nonprofit leaders to discuss the biggest impacts this proposal will have and the most effective strategies advocates can use from a legislator’s perspective. Local advocates and activists including CAM members will lead breakout sessions to plan the next steps of this campaign. A few ideas in the works include legislative visits and phone banking, letters to the editor and op-eds, and public actions such as street theater and rallies. 11:30am-1:30pm, 20th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. Refreshments provided, please RSVP.

Saturday, March 3: We Are One Education Action. Program includes Rick Adams, former Pittsburgh School Board member; Nina Esposito-Visgitis, PFT President; and Ron Cowell, Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC). Allen Kukovich, former PA Senator, will talk about where the money could come from to fund education. 10AM. Obama IB World (formerly Reizenstein Middle School).


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