Valentines & Love for Public Schools

Here’s something to warm your heart for Valentine’s Day. This morning hundreds of teens from around the state got up early to get on buses bound for Harrisburg, where they will be asking Governor Corbett to “fall back in love with public education.” Tia Torres, a senior at University Prep (a Pittsburgh Public school in the Hill District) will be speaking at the capitol today. On Saturday, she spoke movingly at our Rally for Public Education here in Pittsburgh, tearing up as she explained how these state budget cuts are hurting her school and our children’s futures.

Tia Torres, a senior at University Prep in the Hill District, speaks at the Rally for Public Education in Pittsburgh on February 11, 2012

The Post-Gazette has a great article on the students who will be participating in today’s Harrisburg rally, sponsored by Pittsburgh’s A+School’s TeenBloc program as well as the Philadelphia Student Union, Project Peace (Reading PA), and Juntos, Campaign for Nonviolent Schools.

And if your heart still needs warming, check out these Pennsylvania students who made a valentine for Governor Corbett supporting public education. This is why we must fight this budget battle … may it be won with cupid’s arrows.

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