How to Plan a Rally in 48 Hours

The Rally for Public Education is in two days: Saturday, February 11th, 11AM – 12PM in Schenley Plaza, Oakland. With people from over 20 schools throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania helping to organize this event, this “little” grassroots movement just keeps growing. We’ll have marching bands and drum bands. Many local politicians have confirmed they are coming. And the media is already taking notice.

Here’s what you can do to help in the next 48 hours to make this a truly Yinzer Nation event:

  • Plan to be there! This is probably the single most important thing you can do this week for public education. If the weather is cold, bundle up and enjoy one hour outside with your friends supporting our schools (really just one hour!). We are working on getting coffee and hot chocolate.
  • Tell your friends. Over 2,200 people have received invitations from friends on our Facebook page. Consider doing the same, or send a personal note with our Rally Flyer (the best!).
  • Bring signs. Have your kids make signs about what they love about their school, or what is getting cut. Tell Gov. Corbett to reverse these cuts. Use our slogan if you want: “Some cuts won’t heal. Keep public education real.”
  • Help make banners. Sign making party at Kathy Newman’s house tonight, Thursday, at 7PM. ( for details).
  • Contact your media friends. If you have media contacts, or want to help follow up with our media list on the alert we sent out earlier this week, please contact Sara Goodkind (
  • Invite local legislators. We need a few people to help make the final phone calls to legislators inviting them to the Rally. If you can make a couple calls, please contact Kathy Newman (
  • Hang posters. We have copies of the flyer to hang around town. Email if you can help the poster team.
  • Get word to your school. Do your teachers know? Can you send a flyer home in backpack mail with students? Are there any d-lists you can use to remind parents and community members to come?
  • What else can you do? Can you help? Do you have ideas? See our google planning document or contact Jessie Ramey (

2 thoughts on “How to Plan a Rally in 48 Hours

  1. I just want to leave a shout-out to Jessie et al. for your incredible energy, creativity, and thoroughness in organizing this event. Very glad to be a part of this endeavor. And great site too!

    • Thanks, Emily. This is really an amazing group effort. There are so many committed, passionate people who really care about our public schools: meeting some of you all has been a real inspiration.

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