Yinzer Nation Pulls Together

Governor Corbett releases his proposed budget today, and we’ll have more on the specifics of that tomorrow: but today, here is some encouraging news about our growing movement for public education in Pennsylvania. Parents, students, teachers, and concerned community members across the state have been speaking up and our legislators are taking notice. Referring to the state’s basic education funding, Rep. Paul Clymer said, “That is a critical line item.” Clymer, a Republican and chair of the House Education Committee, declared, “Hold it harmless.” (Reported by PhillyBurbs.com 2-6-12)

Meanwhile, here in Southwestern PA, word is spreading like wildfire throughout Yinzer Nation about the Rally for Public Education this Saturday (11AM-12PM, Schenley Plaza in Oakland). We will have school marching and drum bands. Local politicians are committing to be there. The Tribune Review and Post-Gazette are sending reporters (and our press release goes out today, so we expect even more media attention). And many thanks to the Women & Girls Foundation, who just awarded us a small grant to support our Rally expenses (space rental, etc.). This is fabulous news! Our community is truly pulling together.

Now, who do you know? Grab a copy of our gorgeous Rally Flyer and spread the word to your friends and through your networks. Let us know who you’ve reached out to through our google planning document. RSVP on our Facebook page and take a minute to invite your friends while you are there: over 1,300 people have already been invited this way! Our colleagues at the Pennsylvania School Board Association have spread the word through their contacts to superintendents in Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, Armstrong and Indiana counties. And the Keystone State Education Coalition alerted over 1,000 people in its network this morning. Please plan to be at the Rally and keep reaching out to your friends: this is probably the single most important thing you can do for public education in Yinzer Nation this week. This is the way we get our voices heard in Harrisburg.


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