We Need YOUR Help to Plan the Rally

We need your help to plan a Rally for Public Education in response to Governor Corbett’s budget announcement next week. An initial group of Colfax, Linden, Montessori, and Mt. Lebanon parents met to sketch out a plan, but now we need your help to make this happen. A rally is a really important way to show our positive support for public schools and to get media attention focused on the devastating budget cuts. Groups across the state are planning similar events, and some from Pittsburgh are going to Harrisburg on Tuesday, the day of the announcement — but this is the only Southwestern PA rally for education scheduled so far. Let’s make it a big one!

Here’s the plan: we will rally on Saturday, February 11th at 11AM at the Schenley Plaza. This is an East End location, but obviously we are trying to push out through our networks and make this a region-wide effort. Schenley Plaza also has bathrooms, shelter, and electricity — but we don’t know if we can hold the event there — maybe you would be willing to find out if we need a permit? (We discussed backup options, too, but let’s see what we can find out.)

We’ve had lots of discussion of stunning visuals, captivating signs, powerful themes, costumes, songs, t-shirts, and cookies. Now we need people to lend a hand. Could you help find a PA system? Create a flyer? Write a media alert? Contact education groups? Please use our planning spreadsheet on google docs to see the list of tasks and to sign up to help. Everyone is welcome and needed!

There will be one final planning meeting on Sunday, February 5, at 11AM at Kathy Newman’s house (5353 Beeler St). Please RSVP to her (knewman4_at_gmail.com) so we know how many people are planning to get involved in this event — if we don’t get at least ten or so, we will likely not try to move forward. Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues.


One thought on “We Need YOUR Help to Plan the Rally

  1. The Director of Facilities Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy which include Schenley Plaza (Jim Griffin), is a parent of 3 PghPublic School students (CAPA, Allderdice & Colfax).

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