Linden Letter Writing Party

Pittsburgh Linden is hosting a letter-writing party today, from 4-8PM in the school library. Parents and community members are writing to the Governor and legislators in advance of the budget announcement next week, calling for the restoration of funding to public education.

Linden is a thriving magnet school in the Pittsburgh Public system, with a very diverse student body, drawing families from fifteen different zip codes throughout the city. It is a great example of a public school that “works,” but it is being threatened by these budget cuts. Due to the state budget, Linden is losing its vice principal, its science teacher, its instrumental program, and two home-room teachers in the upper grades. The art teacher and music teacher will be reduced to half time.

Reaching out to our legislators is the very best thing we can do right now. That is how we can effectively fight these completely unacceptable budget cuts. Indeed, it is the only way we can fight to save public education. Sometimes writing a letter or making a phone call feels too “simple” or perhaps even ineffective, but experienced advocates assure us that this is exactly what works — and we’re having an impact! So please consider hosting your own letter-writing event. And check out the other strategies on the Take Action! tab.

Together we are Yinzer Nation, and we can do this.


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