“Sidewalk Team” Shares Blueprint for Call-In Day

Inspired by the success of Pittsburgh Montessori parents last month who generated over 50 calls in one hour during Education Voters’ statewide call-your-legislator day, several Southwestern PA schools are planning similar tactics for the call-in day this coming Wednesday, January 25th. Parents and community members at Pittsburgh Colfax have formed a “Sidewalk Team” to engage parents at pick-up time and have shared their blueprint for the event. Please steal these ideas and then let Yinzercation know what your group is doing!

They have found that the key is to involve a core team of committed volunteers and then split up the following to-do list:

  • decide on a time and recruit 4-5 people to form a core Sidewalk Team
  • write an invitation to the school community and send via email to PTO, PSCC, and any other d-lists or personal networks (see sample)
  • get a permit from the school (good idea to maintain communication with the principal, even if you are staying on the sidewalk)
  • appoint 1-2 people to bring cookies, hot drinks, etc. if you wish
  • create a list of “talking points” on how the state budget cuts have affected your school (also see general Tips on Calling Your Legislator for ideas); photocopy
  • create a contact sheet with legislator’s names and phone numbers for your district (click here if you need to find your legislator); photocopy
  • have children make signs to hang up on day of event
  • bring: a table, signs, contact sheets, talking points, and well-charged mobile phones!


2 thoughts on ““Sidewalk Team” Shares Blueprint for Call-In Day

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