Pgh. Linden Plans Event for Statewide Call-in Day

Pittsburgh Linden is planning an event for the Education Voters PA statewide call-in day, next Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Linden parents hope to get at least 50 people to call their state legislators to restore funding to public education in the upcoming budget. Below are some details from their plan. What will your school or group be doing? Contact Yinzercation with your plans and we’ll share them with others. We are not alone!

Pittsburgh Linden is an excellent K-5 magnet school in the Pittsburgh Public System that draws students from 15 different zip codes. Parents are planning to gather outside at drop off and pick up times with a call script in hand, phone numbers, and mobile phones.

Linden parent Tara McElfresh explains, “We got a list of all the zip codes at our school. We will print off Ed Voters tip sheet with the name and number of who to call based on the zip. We have a group of parents that volunteered to share phones and go around matching parents with the correct zip code script.” They will have copies for people to take home and make calls if they can’t do it right then.

If you are a Linden school community member and want more information, please contact Tara at

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