How one Parent is Using Social Media to Spread the Word

Here’s an idea: one parent in the Pittsburgh Public School system posted a link to Yinzercation on Facebook yesterday with the following status message.

“Strong Schools = Strong Communities. Are you concerned about the current fiscal year’s (and next fiscal year’s) drastic cuts to public education in PA? Please visit this website set up by active Pittsburgh Colfax families; and be sure to mark your calendar to call your legislators on January 25 to tell them – NO MORE CUTS TO PUBLIC EDUCATION IN PA! Please help ALL our kids succeed. This is not a democrat or republican issue – it is an issue for us all. STRONG SCHOOLS = STRONG COMMUNITIES. If you live in PA, please call the Governor and your legislators on 1/25! And visit this website for more strategies to get yourself and others involved. Thank you!”

This is an excellent example of using social media to spread the word. Those with years of experience in advocacy work have told us that reaching out to our own personal networks like this is the single most important thing we can each do. Consider posting something like this as your own Facebook status — or repost news items from Yinzercation, or even tweet about public education if you are on Twitter. Your friends and colleagues will listen because they care about what you have to say on this issue!


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