Pie Eating and Phone Calling

A parent in the South Hills has decided to hold a pie eating party to entice her friends to participate in the statewide call-your-legislator day next Wednesday, January 25th. What will you do? (Send your strategies to jessie.b.ramey_at_gmail.com to share with the group!) Here is the letter she sent out to her friends:

“As many of you know, I’ve been getting more and more worried about our PA State Education Budget being reduced again. Last year, PA cut nearly 1billion from the education budget. It’s really frightening to think of the cutbacks that might be coming, and maddening to think about what has happened in less affluent districts already.  PA legislators are slated to vote on the budget in early February.  Education Voters of Pennsylvania has organized a “CALL” to Action for Public Education for next Wednesday, January 25th.  All PA voters are encouraged to call their state legislators on that day and tell them: NO MORE CUTS!  So, to entice you all, I thought I could hold a coffee, calling and pie eating event.  I’ll have your legislator’s information and suggestions of what to say; you just need your cell.  I’ll even have paper, envelopes and stamps if you haven’t had a chance to write your legislator yet!

Bring your Cell and I’ll give you Pie!!
Wednesday, January 25th
1PM- 3PM
My house:

Bring as many friends as you can!  RSVP (and give pie requests — I’ll attempt to make as many kinds as I can)

If you can’t make it; I hope you’ll still consider calling on that day.  I’ve attached the flyer for the Call to Action for more information.  IF you don’t know who your state legislators are, click here. Just put in your address and you’ll get your legislators as well as contact information.


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