A Snapshot of Disparity

The state budget cuts have affected nearly every district in the state, but poor districts have been hit the hardest. That means that the most disadvantaged students are hurt the most.

While the poorest students are unfairly bearing the brunt of this attack on public education, the effects are being felt throughout Southwestern PA and impact us all. The Superintendent of the Fox Chapel School District warned, “Although we may not hear the thunder, it is lightning all around us.” (May 2011 Message from the Superintendent.)

Here is a snap shot of how the state budget cuts are affecting local school districts on a per-student basis. (All data from district web sites and budget reports, compiled by Lara Cosentino and Jessie Ramey.)

Do you have data for your school district? Share it with us!

2 thoughts on “A Snapshot of Disparity

  1. For some of this data, see pg. 13 of A+ Schools October 2011 community presentation on PPS budget crisis (see the link under the Resources menu on this site). This information is available from the district websites, so if you decide to track it down, let me know — we could add a column to to our table. Thanks!

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